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Our math Game will help your cognitive math knowledge!

  • Elementry Bar Graph

  • Math Train

  • Wizard Math Kit Progress

  • Quiz Paper


  • Bar Graph

    The bar graph is an exciting and passionate tool to chart the increase in scores each time the student takes the Wizard Math Kit.

  • Big Wall train

    Students color around the borders of the math facts any design they like with construction paper circles for wheels. This goes in the classroom.

  • Records

    A third grader finished with a perfect score in seven minutes and forty-five seconds, and the following year a fourth grader finished in seven minutes and twenty-five seconds. By January of each school year all students had their math facts memorized with speed.

  • Math Train with lines

    Go over the lines with a ruler and ball point pen to make fold lines. Once it is folded it makes a flash card sheet for multiplication facts with answers.

  • Answer Keys

    Answer keys are copied on paper or transparencies to facilitate faster correction.

  • Quiz papers

    There are one hundred math combinations on each page of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for a total of four hundred points.
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