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Wizard Math Kit: Beginners/Advanced

Beginners first need to have the visual concept of add, subtract, multiply and divide combinations before they begin memorization.

Draw on paper or use buttons, beans, blocks, animals or coins to practice the meaning of each combination.

For instances, with add and subtract you might start with seven cows inside a fence with two more added makes a total of nine inside the fence. Or, six cows inside the fence and two are removed, you now have four left.

When your students can quickly draw or move the buttons, beans, blocks or coins in such a way to show you they know what each combination visually means, they are now ready to practice with the Wizard Math Kit to see their score go up each time until they too get all four pages correct.

Advanced are assumed to have all combinations memorized and are working on speed. They need to understand that speed will come slowly as they keep taking the Wizard Math Kit. If they miss one or two and finish way early they need to slow down and make sure they get all combination correct so the time will be their score.