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      Set your computer in the front of the class for all students to see.

      Click stop watch

      Click start on your computer when the students begin the Wizard Math kit, and the faster students that finish early are directed to write down the time on your computer when they finish. 

      Make sure you are in a quiet room that will be free of noise or anyone talking to you for twenty minutes.

      Hang a testing sign on your door.

      Hand out green or red pens to be used for taking the Wizard Math Kit.

“Students write your name and date at the top of each page and wait to begin.”

“Students you have four different pages to work: Page one is addition, page two is subtraction, page three is multiplication, and page four is division.”

“There are 100 problems on each page for a total of 400 points. If you finish early with all four pages, write down the time showing on the computer. If you have a perfect score of 400 your score will be time. Read your chapter book until the twenty minutes is over.”

“Beginners use your fingers on the first two pages, and go for the zeros, ones and twos for pages three and four. Your score will surprisingly increase on your bar graph.”

“You are allowed five minutes per page.”

“I will tell you when to stop working on page one addition, and start working on page 2, subtraction.”

“If you finish any page early do no wait, but go right on to the next page.”

“Now let’s start with page one addition, you may begin.”

(After five minutes.) “Finish the problem you are now working and begin page two subtraction if you haven’t already.”

(After ten minutes.) “Finish the problem you are now working and begin page three multiplication if you haven’t already.”

(After fifteen minutes.) “Finish the problem you are now working and begin page four division if you haven’t already.”

(After twenty minutes.) “That’s twenty minutes finish the problem you are now working and stop.”

Pick up green or red pens before they begin correcting with pencils.

“Begin correcting your Wizard Math Kit with the paper or transparency answer keys that I will pass out.”

“Write the number of correct problems at the top of each page.”

“Write the same number on the score chart on page four.”

“The total of the score is placed on the progress sheet and color in the score on your bar graph.”

“Each time you take the Wizard Math Kit you will get more points until you receive a perfect 400 points.”

“Those that finish early with a perfect score of 400 points will be scored by time, and each time you take the test your time will be faster.”

Note: The record so far was a third grader that finished with a time of 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

The following year, a fourth grader, was rivaling the record and the last day of school the students talked her in to taking the test one more time to see if she could break the record. She finished in 7 minutes and 25 seconds.

I was successful with my goal of having a high percentage all elementary students with their math facts memorized with speed by January of each year.