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The progress report is the feedback to the student that fuels the fire of passion to make them want to take the test again and again to get more points towards getting a perfect score or faster time.

The report is also a goal setting tool for the student to make a realistic outcome for the next month check on growth. The students are extremely enthusiastic when they exceed their goal that they made for themselves the last month. Here is where we see the passion exhibited in begging to take the Wizard Math Kit again to document the additional success.

My third graders as beginners primarily use their fingers to get answers for the add and subtract pages. They might get half to three-fourth of those combinations correct on those two pages and after I explained that on multiplication and division pages, they could hunt and pick the answers for the zeros, ones and twos, which would many times give them additional points to explode their goal setting on the report.

The bar graph is the springboard for the progress report. I always used the Wizard Math Kit daily with my beginners and it was fun to watch their little egos when they would see their successful growth on the daily or weekly bar graph.

I always put the bar graph together myself for the beginners. Cut the second page right above the 15:45 time and place it with a glue stick under the first page with the time of 15:30. Use your eyes to match it up so it looks like one full page. Next, cut the third page right above the 170 points and glue stick it right under the 180 points on page two. Again, use your eyes to make it match up like a very long bar graph. It will have to be folded several times to go in their folder. Use colored pencils and rulers for coloring in the bar graph for the score that they received.

Watch their excitement as they begin to experience their progress each time they take the Wizard Math Kit.